Principal Accountant

My name is Ryan McGrath.

I have over10 years of accounting experience. I enjoy helping clients to get the best results possible.

During my working life I have worked with many differing clients and I am always excited to take on a new challenge or twist.

With a young family my two children are always doing something to keep me very entertained and provide a laugh.

Away from the office I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I also really enjoy supporting both local and AFL Football.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
I love to roll the swag out by a lake or river. Anywhere is a holiday destination with a Ute and a swag.
What is your favourite book?

All my reading is either ATO documents, Study while completing my Masters or bedtime stories for the kids.
If you could invite 6 people for dinner, living or historical, who would they be?

Michael Jordan – Best Sportsman Ever!

Shane Crawford – Always admired him as a player and he is even greater these days with everything he's doing for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Adam West – He is the REAL BATMAN!!!

Heston Blumenthal – What a Chef!  It would be great to learn a few tricks from him.

Tony Martin – He always has a funny story to tell and can always talk about obscure movies and music references.

AC/DC – As a band they count as one person right? Need some great music to end a great night!

Why Choose Manor Lakes Accounting?

We offer a local accounting firm with the quality and expertise you desire.

Located in the Manor Lakes Estate in Wyndham Vale Victoria. Wyndham Vale is 5km north of Werribee in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

With over 10 years’ experience in Superannuation and Business services we can cater for all your accounting and financial reporting needs.

Having specialized skills and knowledge in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) will provide the confidence that all the statutory and regulatory annual requirements are taken care of in the one location.

We will help to ease the burden that running a SMSF can sometime place on trustees, while managing the complete accounting needs of your entire family group or structure.

As a firm we are involved in the local community being a proud Member & Sponsor of the Manor Lakes Football Club

I currently have the following professional qualifications:

 - Registered Tax Agent

 - Fellow Member of the IPA

 - Professional Certificate in SMSF

 - Masters in Public Accounting

I am also working towards the following qualifications at the moment to ensure our service only gets better:

 - Diploma of Financial Planning